Charles Hoffman  and Rose Piton established their firm in Washington D.C. in 2006. Since then, we have completed over  60 projects. Most of our projects have been in; The District of Columbia, Atlanta Georgia, Southeast Maryland, New Orleans - Louisiana; Dallas & Houston, Texas, Northern Virginia.; and a relative few in Liberia.

Charles himself started in the business at the tender age of 14 years old, (studying architectural Drafting) when most youngsters were playing and living the life of a typical kid.  Working at the Department of Public Works and a Swedish Industrial Firm, in his native Liberia, he learned from some of the best in the design - build industry.

He also studied under renown Detroit Interior Designer, John Hawkins in the '70's. Charles worked with some of the most prestigious architectural - engineering and construction firms - in Detroit, Michigan and Atlanta, Georgia, such as Hyde & Bobbio Mechanical Engineers;Giffels & Associates,Architectural,Engineers;Smith, Hinchman& Grylls.,Architectural Engineers,Detroit,Mich;Stevens and Wilkinson,Architectural Engineers; Bob Wilson,Mechanical Engineers,Atlanta, Georgia. Although the business is new on the east coast, he has amassed many years of experience under his belt as is reflected in his work portfolio.

Charles has qualifications and experience as a Mechanical Engineer Systems Designer for buildings; and also in architecture and interior design. Ultimately, our goal is to create high quality energy efficient and environmentally friendly building, appropriate to their natural settings or environ, while at the same time being extremely functional. We offer a wide range of engineering services - planning to design to on-site inspection and construction.

In 2006, we expanded our services to the Republic of Liberia by forming RONAP Incorporated and RONAP Construction Companies. In Liberia, we will introduce a high quality and environmentally friendly designs, incorporating indigenous materials and traditional design concepts infused into 21st century themes. We will also bring a higher standard of construction; to meet acceptable international construction and building codes. We will introduce a high quality, environmental friendly designs, incorporating indigenous materials and traditional design concepts infused into 21st century themes.


Our Creativity is achieved through listening to and studying our clients needs and life style, coupled with the dictates of the environment and topography.

Our involvement and dedication  to  Renewable "solar Energy in Africa.as an alternative to "diesel and gasoline generators which are major contributors of "green house Gases.on the continent,We have been involved since the early 1970's in passive 'solar energy,for electricity,domestic hot water and residential and commercial cooling.Major projects include "Lenox Mall and "Phelp Plaza,Atlanta,Ga;Northland Mall.Detroit,Mi; and "Hartfield Jackson International.Atlanta. Georgia.

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